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Summertime is synonymous with swimming, diving, and tubing. Or, any time of year for that matter — during the warm months. For Fayetteville, AR residents, it’s all about relaxing and cooling off by the poolside. For children, it’s fun playing in the sun, especially in the pool!

While these activities can be a lot of fun, they can also be very dangerous. Every year, thousands of people are injured or killed in accidents involving pools and other bodies of water. By following some simple safety precautions like installing a pool fence around your pool, you can keep your family safe.

The second leading cause of death in children between one and four years old is drowning. Every year, 4 thousand kids in that age die from submersion into the water–and these deaths could be prevented with proper safety measures.

Arkansas residential pool regulations require the height of your pool’s barrier be 4 feet (or more) to prevent children from climbing over the fence. They also require installing a pool gate (or door) that is self-latchable, self-closing, and lockable.

Nearly 3,536 people drown each year in backyard swimming pools, according to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Knowing all of the pool safety tips (CPR, keeping toys away from the pool area, keeping the pool fence shut closed – ours is automatic, you don’t have to worry about it, watching your little one like they’re under surveillance, and a lot more) is great but, it means absolutely nothing if you don’t have a pool fence surrounding your pool.

That’s what prevents pool accidents!!!

Don’t have a pool fence installed yet in Fayetteville, AR? Need to install a pool gate?  It is time to get one! It will save your child’s life and prevent swimming pool accidents.

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    Why Install A Life Saver Pool Fence?

    As a parent, you want to keep your children safe and close by at all times. That’s why we only offer Life Saver Pool Fence – voted to be the best mesh pool fence available in the market. It is also recommended by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission or US CPSC.

    With a mesh pool fencing from Life Saver, you are rest assured that your little ones are safe while playing in your backyard.

    Here are just a few of the benefits of installing a pool safety fence:

    1) Keeps toddlers and young children from wandering off near the open pool area and getting into the pool without adult supervision.

    2) Helps prevent accidental drownings.

    3) Can be easily installed and operated.

    4) Comes in a variety of colors and styles to match your exterior home décor.

    5) Is affordable and easy to maintain.

    Here are a few features it includes:

    • Available in multiple height options (from 3 ½ ft to 5 ft).
    • Available in multiple colors including black, brown, white, tan, and other custom colors you request.
    • Tension-based supports provide extra stability.
    • It’s unbreakable, thanks to its solid core pole — it’s the sturdiest in the industry.
    • QuadStitch™ 4 stitched reinforced vinyl borders. Designed with mesh that’s bordered on all 4 sides w/vinyl border to avoid unraveling. Gives an attractive finished look.
    • Textilene® (high mil mesh 12-12 mil). Made with Marine grade thread (woven basketweave).
    • The strongest in the market (Tensile strength rating of more than 387 pounds per. sq. in).

    In addition, our mesh material is unclimbable. Small children and animals cannot climb — it’s impossible.

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    Life Saver Pool Fence Color Options

    About Fayetteville, AR

    When people ask what’s Northwest of Arkansas, the correct answer is Fayetteville. The population is approximately 85,166, according to the 2019 census records.

    Fayetteville is a city that was the first home of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

    Popular locations and landmarks include the vintage museums. The museum has planes on display, such as an old propeller plane or jet engine!

    You can also see modern-day helicopters in this hangar – they’ve been restoring one for years now so it’ll be ready soon enough.  For those who enjoy history aside from pop culture exhibits there’s Arkansas Air & Military Museum which offers historical artifacts dating back centuries ago all along with heirlooms and unique items. There are also plenty of souvenirs to take home!

    Here are a few more popular landmarks you don’t want to miss in Fayetteville:

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