Pool Fences & Installations in Washington County, AR

If you are a resident of Arkansas, swimming is a great way to cool off and have fun with the entire family. Pools can be used for exercise, relaxation, or just plain old-fashioned splashing around. A pool is also an excellent addition to any backyard for kids of all ages. It’s really difficult for children to get bored when they have access to a pool!

However, there’s one drawback. Drowning is considered the leading cause of death in small children aged one to four, according to the CDC. But, it’s preventable!

Having a pool fence makes it easy to keep your pool safe from potential pool accidents. The barrier can also be an effective way to prevent unauthorized entry into your pool and will provide you peace of mind knowing that no child has access without close supervision.

Why Install A Life Saver Pool Fence?

Life Saver Pool Fences are an excellent choice for those looking to invest in a safety net that surpasses the standard pool safety fence. They can be installed (or removed), making effective installation quick and easy.

Our pool fences have been recognized as superior by both national and governments around the world as well as local ones here at home!

Pool Safety Products & Services in Washington County, Arkansas

Our swimming pool fence installation services include:

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    About The Life Saver Mesh Pool Fence

    Our premium Life Saver pool fences are designed to help prevent drowning accidents and injuries in young children. We carry mesh-style nylon netting, which offers a layer of protection for your family by keeping small children away from the pool area and falling into the pool accidentally.

    The vinyl coated polyester mesh design means these products will last longer than other types on the market while still providing years’ worth of security with its weatherproof qualities against harsh elements such as weather-related conditions.

    In addition, it is impossible for a strong adult to rip apart. Our mesh pool fences are the sturdiest.

    If you’re looking for a pool fence in a variety of colors, we can help! You can order a fence in an array of colors, including white, copper vein, black, brown, tan, and green (hunter).

    Removable Mesh Pool Fence

    The most important layer of protection for your family is a safe and secure pool fence. A removable mesh design that’s perfect if you have small children or elderly members in the home, it can also keep young ones from running off into the pool area!

    Our removable mesh pool fence comes with aluminum poles that are made with the intention to stop small children and pets from entering the pool area unattended.

    Self-Closing, Self-Locking Pool Gates

    Children and pets can be over eager to approach the pool area, so a pool gate is an easy way of preventing accidents. Our self-latching pool gates will close automatically whenever a person enters the pool area or leaves the pool area.

    Plus, they’re childproof: any small hands (or paws) will not be able to squeeze through to unlatch, push or pull open.

    Getting yourself some safety equipment at home includes installing an automatic lockable pool fence around your swimming pool.

    At Life Saver Pool Fence of Tulsa, we provide Life Saver arched and square pool gates.

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    Life Saver Pool Fence Color Options

    About Washington County, AR

    In the Ozark Mountains, Washington County in Arkansas is located in the northwest region. On October 17, 1828, Washington County was established, formed from Lovely County, formerly part of Indian Territory. From small settlements of orchards, mills, and farms, Washington County has grown into one of the most prosperous and affluent counties in Arkansas.

    It is home to the University of Arkansas, the flagship of the University of Arkansas system.

    The estimated population of Washington County in Arkansas is 244,339 in the past year with a rate of growth of 1.07%, according to the most recent census data in the United States. In Arkansas, Washington County is the 4th largest county in the state.

    In 2010, the population was 204,024, with a growth within the last decade of 19.76%. Due to the vast range of industrial, manufacturing, and retail businesses, the population of the city of Springdale is diverse, which includes a vast Hispanic community in addition to plenty of Marshall Islanders.

    Weather all year round

    Washington County in Arkansas gets on average 49 inches of rain per year. Per year, the average rain in the United States is 38 inches.

    Washington County averages 7 inches of snow. Washington County gets an average of 218 sunny days. The average in the United States is 205 sunny days.

    What is Washington County Known For?

    If you are visiting for the weekend or remaining in Washington County a little longer, you will find hundreds of the biggest Arkansas attractions in Northwest Arkansas. In Bentonville, you can discover a world-class art museum. You can explore the four state parks in the region. There are also hundreds of miles of biking and hiking trails that are recognized internationally. In Fayetteville, you can experience the entertainment district downtown. You can take a walk in Eureka Springs through the historic center.

    Looking for a fun night out for couples, Washington County has a scene for craft brew and culinary experiences. For people looking for something the entire family can enjoy, Ozark Mountain Ziplines, Natural Bridge of Arkansas, and an exotic wildlife refuge are available. There is also Eureka Springs Tram Tours, a fun-filled tour for families.

    Washington County in Arkansas has something for you no matter who you are, and what your interest is in.

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