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Swimming pools for children can be both inviting and harmful. Pool owners, in several cases, can be held liable for injuries and fatalities. This occurs especially if the pool incident happened due to a neglect in preventing children from easy access to the pool.

Annually, approximately 4,000 individuals drown in swimming pools, and many of these individuals are children. Drowning, in fact, is the second cause of fatality for children ages one to four. For every child that meets his or her death, another five endure serious injuries from submersion in a pool.

Granted, supervising a child to prevent accidental drowning is important, but it is crucial that there is a barrier set between a child and a swimming pool, such as a pool fence.

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Safety Regulations for Swimming Pools in Oklahoma

Naturally, it is important to distinguish between public and private pools because they do operate under different sets of state laws in Oklahoma. For example, it is crucial for all public pools to adhere to specific safety requirements and standards stipulated by state law. The law in Oklahoma stipulates all public pools must possess the following:

Suitable equipment for life-saving; if outdoors, pool fencing and a self-closing gate; if indoors, a lockable door; a first-aid kit; and a lifeline to mark the deep end of a pool is important for every pool owner.

If a public pool operator neglects these rules and causes a serious injury or fatality, then he/she is held liable for the damages.

The same thing applies to private, residential swimming pool owners.

In most cases, children do not understand the concepts of private property and trespassing. That is why Oklahoma recognizes that property owners have an obligation to prevent children from danger, even when an uninvited child steps onto the property.

Property owners in Oklahoma, for this reason, must address and identify hazardous conditions on their property that might allure children.

It still is a reasonable measure to install a child pool safety fence with a gate to prevent young children from gaining access to a pool only to drown.

If a pool owner installs a state-of-the-art fence, like a mesh pool fence with a locking gate, then this may be sufficient to prevent the pool owner from being held responsible if a child manages to break in and suffer from a pool injury.

In contrast, if the fence was in bad condition or the gate lock was ineffective, then having the pool fence and gate installed may not be sufficient. It’s important to make sure you have a high-quality pool fencing installed that is operable.


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    Mesh Pool Fence Installations in Mayes County, OK

    A pool fence with transparent mesh is highly recommended. Not only does the mesh material look spectacular, but it enables you to keep a close eye on your children while they play in the pool for additional peace of mind.

    If you have small children, you will want to make sure they are well supervised at all times. Make sure they are far away from the pool, unless they are swimming while supervised closely.

    About Our Mesh Pool Fence

    You want your kids to be safe around your pool. You also want your new pool fence to act like a barrier that blocks them from entering your pool area unsupervised. Plus, you don’t want them attempting to climb over the fence.

    A mesh pool fence is perfect for both of these reasons! It helps keep little ones safe from harm.

    Our mesh pool fences are unlike the standard fences available. There’s no grip, so children and pets cannot climb the fence in any way.

    They offer a premium layer of protection to help prevent drowning accidents and injuries in young children or infants, and pets by making them more than just functional; they’re stylish too!

    Installing a mesh pool fence can enhance the appearance of your backyard instantly.

    Our high-quality PVC coated polyester material is long-lasting which means you can enjoy your beautiful backyard without worrying about the safety of your young children and pets! Or, the safety of someone else’s children and pets.

    Our mesh pool fences come in a variety of colors, including the following:

    • white
    • copper
    • vein black
    • brown
    • hunter green
    • tan

    In addition, our premium swimming pool fences are referred to as a mesh pool fence (Textilene®). You get top-quality all at once.

    Removable Mesh Pool Fence

    Our mesh pool fences are proven to be one of the best available in the market. Not only will they keep your little ones safe from accidentally falling into the pool — it is also known as one of the sturdiest.

    The best part? You can rest easy knowing that there’s never any need for worry that your young children will be able to unlock and enter the pool area.

    Thanks to its self-closing, self-latching mechanism of our pool gates, the automatic closing mechanisms like those found in many of the properties we have installed, are designed so it’s impossible for a child to open.

    Plus, if someone forgets to close the pool gate, it will close on its own automatically.

    Currently, we carry flat and arched self-closing and self-locking pool gates. When you use our pool fencing products, it boosts your pool safety.

    Self-Closing, Self-Latching Pool Gates

    While pool fences act as a barricade between a child (or pet) when they attempt to approach the pool area, our pool gates cannot be unlocked by a child. A young child will not be able to reach over and open automatically even if they tried.

    Pool gates will provide safety, and protection 24/7. When an adult opens a pool gate, they can become distracted easily and forget to close the gate back. Our pool gates close automatically, as mentioned previously.

    This works as even a stronger barrier in preventing small children from attempting to access the pool area when you or another adult forget to close the pool gate door.

    There’s no mistaking why parents love our self-latching models – our pool gates lock tightly.

    In addition, our pool fence company carries Life Saver square and arched pool gates.

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    Life Saver Pool Safety Products & Services in Mayes County, OK

    Our pool fence installation services include:

    • Removable Mesh Pool Fence Installations
    • Self-Closing, Self-Locking Pool Gates
    • Pool Covers
    • Pool Fence Accessories

    Areas We Serve in Mayes County, OK

    Life Saver Pool Fence of Tulsa intalls pool fences in Mayes County including Adair, Ballou, Boatman, Cedar Crest, Chouteau, Disney, Grand Lake Towne, Green, Hoot Owl, Iron Post, Langley, Little Rock, Locust Grove, Lusta, Mazie, Murphy, Paradise View, Patton, Pensacola, Pin Oak Acres, Pryor Creek City, Pump Back CDP, Rose, Salina, Sams Corner CDP, Snake Creek, Spavinaw, Sportsmen Acres, Strang, Tia Juana, Tip, Wickliffe as well as the surrounding counties.

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    About Mayes County, Oklahoma

    Mayes County, Oklahoma, is named after Ex-chief Samuel Houston Mayes, of the Cherokee Nation. The county is located in the northeastern portion of OK. The population total, as of the 2010 census, was 41,259 residents.

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