Pool Safety Tips from Life Saver Pool Fence of Tulsa

Pool safety tips:

  1. Active adult supervision at all times by the pool. Never take your eyes of a child near a pool and ideally stay within arm’s reach.
  2. Designate a water watcher who is 100% dedicated to watching children and nothing else.
  3. Install a pool fence to isolate your child from the pool with a physical pool barrier.
  4. Learn CPR to be able to help a child if needed.
  5. High locks on doors and windows leading to the pool to prevent access to the pool from your home.
  6. Alarms on the pool gate as an audible alert to parents, adults or family.
  7. Pool alarms that sound off if a child enters the pool and disrupts the water.
  8. Do not leave toys in the pool. Children are attracted to toys.
  9. Wear brightly colored swim suits.
  10. Provide rescue/ self-survival swim lessons to your child so that they know how to float if they fall into the pool.
  11. Always check the pool area first if a child is missing. It can save a life.
  12. Only use anti-entrapment drain covers and other child safe products in your pool.


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