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Need a pool cover installed on your pool or spa? If you own a home in Northeast Oklahoma or nearby, we can professionally install both solid and mesh pool covers (new or replacement) for inground pools and spas! We’re the area’s #1 authorized installer for Meyco pool covers, and all of our covers exceed all ASTM Standards. We may have even installed your neighbor’s cover!

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Pool Cover Installation Is Easy When You Work With A Professional—We’ve Got You Covered!

  • FREE estimates
  • Pool covers are Guaranteed to fit!
  • Every pool custom measured in person (within 60 miles)
  • 12 Year Warranty!
  • 5-10% off for qualifying customers*
  • We can often install in as little as two weeks!

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    What Type of Pool Cover Do You Need?

    In the Oklahoma area, many pools will be closing come Fall, and as early as July/August, many homeowners will install a safety pool cover. Here are your options:

    • New Pool Covers
    • Replacement Pool Covers
    • Custom Designs Available

    Whether you need a stock or a custom cover made, or you want advice on which type of pool safety cover you should install, get in touch with our Owner Gary! We can have a new cover made or we can also order a replacement pool cover from Meyco for you!

    Take A Look at These Covers—Three Excellent Options

    We install three types of covers:

    MeycoLite Covers

    MeycoLite Blue Pool Covers

    Lightweight, Durable, Less Maintenance. Weaved MeycoLite fabric. Weighs almost 50% less than a typical solid safety cover. Water drains through easily. Eliminates the need to pump off dangerous surface water, allowing it to drain through the cover. Meticulous stitching and a longer lifespan.  Blocks 95% of sun’s rays. Minimizes fading.

    RuggedMesh Covers

    Meyco Rugged Mesh Cover

    Cleaner Water, Less Maintenance. The flexibility of a light-weight mesh cover combined with the durability of a solid cover. Greater tear & tensile strength than standard mesh covers. Easier to install/remove due to lighter weight. Special weave allows water to drain from surface. Blocks more sunlight & offers greater strength than standard mesh covers.

    PermaGuard Covers

    Meyco PermaGuard Pool Cover

    Reliable, Durable, Attractive. Solid covers reduce evaporation, keep chemicals in your swimming pool longer, guard against UV damage and protect your pool from falling debris. Long lifespan. Greater tear and tensile strength than competing covers. Blocks 100% of sun’s rays.

    From Our Owner

    “Pool covers will protect your pool, your children, guests, and pets so no one will slip through! They also keep debris  out of the pool making your pool cleaner! I custom measure every job so your cover is guaranteed to fit! We take great care of our customers everyday!” – Gary Gilkey, Owner

    • Work directly with me, the Owner. I’m a trained, authorized Meyco installer.
    • I can easily install into Concrete and Pavers!
    • I service both residential homes and commercial properties
    • I am a pool safety expert – a pool cover is an essential layer of protection!

    A Meyco Safety Cover Dealer in Oklahoma—Not All Covers Were Created Equally

    We are proudly an authorized pool cover dealer/ installer for the best covers you can buy:  Meyco Pool Covers.

    • Meyco safety covers are “built to last” and the manufacturing processes “ensure your cover will fit perfectly and last over the long haul!”
    • Meyco covers are patented, tested and proven after decades of research and improvements.

    We install both solid and mesh pool covers, and we make sure they are “drum tight.”

    Need an in-ground Pool Safety Cover installed? Estimates are free, professional, fair and they are done safely. Call us at (918) 440-4681 to discuss your needs.

    The Pool Cover Installation Process:

    Most pool cover measurements and estimates will be done in person, when within a 60 mile radius of Tulsa, OK. Here is how the process goes:

    1. Phone consult is provided and in-person estimate is scheduled (a rough idea of price may be provided).
    2. We physically measure your pool. We may use Google Earth to help get a rough estimate for you. Estimates usually within 48 hours.
    3. We then call you/email you the final price so you can place your order.
    4. You place your order (requires deposit).
    5. We schedule your installation date! Many times, in as little as two weeks, your cover can be installed [there may be temporary delays due to COVID. Lead time for installs will vary!].

    Pool Area Surfaces in which We Install Safety & Winter Pool Covers

    • Concrete
    • Pavers

    Don’t see your surface here? Call us at (918) 440-4681 to discuss your needs.

    Pool Cover Installation Service Areas:

    We provide pool covers in Tulsa OK, Northeast Oklahoma, Southern Kansas, NW Arkansas, and Southwestern MO

    Oklahoma (OK)

    Mayes County, Rogers County, Tulsa County and Wagoner County.

    Arkansas (AK)

    Bentonville, Fayetteville, Gentry, Prairie Grove, Rogers, Springdale, Siloam Springs.

    Southwestern Missouri (MO)

    Southern Kansas (KS)

    60 miles radius Tulsa, OK

    Pool Cover FAQs:

    • How do I know how big of a safety cover I need? It is based on square footage of your pool. We will measure either on Google earth or in person. The fact is, the best pool cover installers near Tulsa will help guide you toward the decision that is right for your family.
    • What brands/types of Meyco pool covers you install? Meyco Lite, Rugged Mesh and PermaGuard
    • What colors of Meyco covers do you offer? Blue, Green, Mocha and Grey
    • Are there different color options for safety pool covers? Yes, Blue, Green, Mocha and Grey are most common.
    • Where are Meyco pool safety covers manufactured? U. S. A.
    • How much weight can a Meyco pool cover hold? As a general rule, the weight of 2 adults and a child.
    • Does Meyco offer a Warranty? Yes, a 12 year warranty. More info:
    • How much does much does it cost to install a pool cover? It is based on your square footage and pool cover type but most pools in Oklahoma range anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000.
    • How long does it take to get a pool cover installed? Typically around 2 weeks from your deposit. We are seeing some delays due to the Covid effect with materials. Lead times for install varies.
    • Which is better, a mesh or solid pool cover? They each have their own benefits depending on what you’re looking to get out of your cover. You can research the specific details on the Manufacturer website or you can call me!
    • Can you install a cover onto an above ground pool? If yes, how? Unfortunately, we do not.
    • Does any cover I put on my pool act as a safety cover? No, not all covers are created equally. A Meyco cover is another layer of protection you can use to help ensure no one will be able to gain access to your pool.
    • How do I keep my pool cover from sinking? Meyco recommends that you keep the water level within 18” of the top. Also, inspect your cover before removing it in the spring and before installing it in the winter or after any major winter storm event to ensure the integrity of the cover has not been compromised.
    • Should a pool cover be tight? Yes, it should fit snugly, “drum tight”
    • I don’t have children. Should I still get a pool cover on my pool? Yes, it will help ensure that no animal, or unauthorized visitor gains access to the pool. It will also assist with ensuring your pool has a cleaner opening with less debris.
    • I have an existing safety cover. Can I have a new cover made from a different manufacturer and have the straps fit onto my existing deck anchors? Yes, you can. Get in touch!
    • What are the deck requirements for me to best use a safety cover? Any type of Concrete
    • Can a safety cover be put on a pool that has a vertical wall on one side of the pool, such as a waterfall wall? Yes, custom designs are available
    • I have an in-ground spa beside my pool. Can I get a safety cover that covers both pool and spa? Yes!
    • Do I need to get a cover pump if I put on a pool cover? Yes but only if you choose a PermaGuard cover without a drain strip.
    • Can you walk on a mesh pool cover? Meyco does not recommend walking on the pool cover except in an emergency situation.
    • Can I take my pool cover off myself? If yes, how? It is recommended to use the buddy system due to the weight of the cover.
    • Does owning a Meyco pool cover requires maintenance? Yes, as a pool cover owner it is your responsibility to periodically check your cover for signs of wear, tear or other damage that may impact the integrity and safety of the cover.
    • Do you install automatic covers? No, we do not.
    • Do you install or would you install for a commercial property or just residential? Yes, we install for both types of properties.