Pet Pool Safety Fence Installations Tulsa, OK

pet fence for pool safety installed in Tulsa, OKDo you have a swimming pool and pets? If so, then you know how dangerous it can be for your pet. Installing a mesh pool fence is an effective way to protect them from drowning accidentally in the pool, especially if they feel tempted to jump in and swim.

Our mesh fencing is also great for keeping other wild animals, and wandering pets from roaming your pool area. Finding a wild animal in your pool or around your pool area can be startling and dangerous.

Life Saver Pool Fence – Safest & Strongest Pet Safety Fence Available

Life Saver’s mesh pet fence is made with high-quality materials that will last for years and never rust or corrode.

It’s easy to install and comes with everything needed for installation including step-by-step instructions!

Additionally, our pool fences help prevent intruders from swimming in your pool unannounced. Pool owners who install pool fence alarms, get alerted whenever an animal or person accesses your pool.

Pet Fence Installations in Tulsa, OK

Installing your own pet fence is not for everyone. We will send out our expert pool fence installers to install for you. You won’t find another product on the market today that offers this level of quality at such a reasonable price. So don’t wait any longer – order your pool fence today and protect your pets!

We know that every pet is different, so we make sure to offer a variety of safety fences for all sizes.

Our removable pool fences come in multiple colors, including:

  • white
  • black
  • brown
  • hunter green
  • copper vein
  • tan

The long lasting, weather-proofed pool fences we carry are made from a mesh material described as (Textilene®). Additionally, it is coated with PVC for extra protection.

Moreso, the black mesh materials used to make our pool fences are 87 percent transparent. As a result, this provides the greatest view of your pets from outside of your pool fenced area.

Keep Furry Friends Safe Around Your Pool with Our Custom Pet Fence Options

The perfect size depends on the height and reach your dog might have. If you have a small to medium-sized pet, a 30″ pool fence will suffice.

For large pets, 42-inch barriers will keep them safe from jumping over.

Tulsa, OK regulations for swimming pools in Oklahoma are very strict. For example, you must have a fence that is at least 4 feet high.

There are even more requirements when it comes to pool safety features like pool gate. The safety regulations aren’t geared towards pets, they’re placed to protect small children.

A pool gate must have self-closing/self-latching abilities so children can’t open them without assistance from an adult.

If your pool doesn’t have a fence, the time to protect your pets and children is now.

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    About Our Life Saver Pet Fence

    Our mesh pet fences provide an extra layer of protection. Some of its features include the following:

    • Made in the USA!
    • Arched & square pool gates.
    • 100 year warranty
    • Weather resistant. Can withstand strong winds.
    • Tension-based supports give optimal stability.
    • Pool fences are a patented, solid, unbreakable fence that’s the most durable and long lasting in the industry.
    • QuadStitch™ 4 strengthened vinyl borders. The mesh is bordered all around with a reinforced, stitched layer that prevents unraveling!
    • Textilene® high mil mesh (12-12 micron) with Marine grade thread is the most durable available. The fence has a tensile strength rating of over 387 pounds per square inch, making it unclimbable and difficult for animals to tear or grasp onto as they often do in nature when hunting prey.
    • Height options range from 3 ½ feet to 5 feet.
    • A variety of colors including the favorite color Black
    • Self-closing and self-latching gate alternatives
    • Pool fencing sections are fitted into plastic or aluminum for installation into a deck surface.
    • No dangerous sharp edges. Rounded edges and smooth round-head fasteners.
    • Offers versatility. Mesh fences can be used for pools, anywhere in your backyard including by the garage and walkable landscaped areas, etc.
    • Gain full access to well-trained local pool fence installers.
    • Keep your pool fence up all year-round or roll up in sections and store away. Or, transport and use for another pool.
    • Works with any type of swimming pool including in ground pools.
    • UV Resistant components prevent the fence from sun damage.

    Our pool fences offer the highest level of pet safety available in the industry today! You get triple reinforced solid poles on our Life Saver Solid Core Pool Fence, which provides omni-directional solid support. You’re getting the strongest pole in the market.

    In addition, we offer pool accessories including pool solar lights and Omni hangers.

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